California Board of Registered Nurses

The California Board of Registered Nurses is a state governmental agency brought together by law to protect the public by regulating the practice of nurses. CBT Direct offers online courses that are approved by the BRN for continuing education credits, which are known as “Continuing Education Units” (CEUs). One CEU credit is received for each 60 minutes of a continuing education course. Since 1978, California register nurses are required to complete a minimum of 30 contact hours every two years in continuing education related to the practice of nursing. Courses must be taken from BRN approved providers and each course must be documented.

CBT Direct can help you acquire your CEUs with our Continuing Education Program for Registered Nurses. Below is a list of CBT Direct’s approved online course titles for continuing education programs, along with each of their CEU values. For any questions about continuing education CEUs or our online training courses, call CBT Direct at 1-800-358-6389 or simply fill out the form at the bottom of the page and a training advisor will contact you shortly.

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Finance & Accounting Curriculum
Workplace Issue Fundamentals    
Workplace Harassment Course Hours 2
Diversity in the Workplace Course Hours 3.5
Business Ethics Course Hours 2.5
Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Course Hours 3
Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Course Hours 2.5
Americans with Disabilities Act Course Hours 2
Rightful Termination Course Hours 1.5
E-mail and Internet Use Policy Course Hours 1.5
Questionable Interviewing Questions Course Hours 1.5
Documenting Discipline Course Hours 2.5
Conflicts of Interest Course Hours 3.5
Drug-free Workplace Course Hours 4
Understanding the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Course Hours 3
Record Retention Policy Course Hours 2
Sarbanes Oxley: Whistleblower Protection Course Hours 1.5
Sexual Harassment    
Sexual Harassment Awareness for Employees Course Hours 2
Dealing with Sexual Harassment Claims Course Hours 2
Sexual Harassment Training for Human Resource Professionals Course Hours 2
Administrative Simplification Under HIPAA    
HIPAA: Electronic Health Data Transactions Course Hours 1.5
HIPAA: Evaluating the Impact of the Privacy Rule Course Hours 2
HIPAA: Implementing Privacy Rules Course Hours 1.5
HIPAA: Securing Protected Health Information Course Hours 2
Understanding Healthcare Rights Under HIPAA Course Hours 1.5
Management Curriculum
Moving into a Management Role    
Becoming a Manager Course Hours 6
A New Manager's Responsibilities and Fears Course Hours 6
Lead and Communicate Effectively as a New Manager Course Hours 6
A New Manager's Role in the Company's Future Course Hours 5.5
Effective Delegation    
Delegation Basics Course Hours 2
The Personal Approach in Delegation Course Hours 2.5
Managing the Delegated Environment Course Hours 5
The Successful Facilitator    
The Role of the Facilitator Course Hours 5
Facilitative Fundamentals: Techniques and Tools Course Hours 5.5
Facilitating Work Groups and Meetings Course Hours 5
Facilitating Challenging Situations Course Hours 5
Facilitative Formats and Tools: Offering Options Course Hours 5
The Facilitative Leader Course Hours 5
How to Overcome Negativity in the Workplace    
The Path from Pessimism to Optimism Course Hours 4
Proactive Approaches to Stop Negativity Course Hours 2
Overcoming Organizational Negativity Course Hours 2
Performance Appraisal    
Continuous Performance Assessment Course Hours 3.5
Reviewing Performance Course Hours 4
Leadership Curriculum    
Leadership Skills for Women    
The Secrets of Female Leaders Course Hours 2.5
Building Your Support System Course Hours 3.5
Playing by the Rules Course Hours 2.5
Groundbreaking: The Paradigm Shift toward Women Course Hours 2.5
Establish and Maintain Authority Course Hours 2.5
Business Execution    
Foundations for Business Execution Course Hours 7
Creating a Business Execution Culture Course Hours 8
Business Execution in Action Course Hours 5
Communication Curriculum
Interpersonal Communication Skills for Business    
The Process of Interpersonal Communications Course Hours 4.5
The Mechanics of Effective Communication Course Hours 5
Communication Skills for the Workplace Course Hours 4.5
Communicate for Results Course Hours 5
Communication Skills for Leadership Course Hours 5.5
Communication Skills for Resolving Conflict Course Hours 5
Communicate for Contacts Course Hours 4.5
Business Writing Skills    
Writing with Intention Course Hours 4
Avoiding Errors in Usage and Punctuation Course Hours 4.5
Avoiding Grammatical Errors in Business Writing Course Hours 4.5
Crisp Composition Course Hours 4.5
Writing to Reach the Audience Course Hours 3
Getting the Most from Business Documents Course Hours 4
The Writing Process Course Hours 5
Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace    
What Is Emotional Intelligence? Course Hours 2.5
Emotional Intelligence at Work Course Hours 2.5
Teamwork and Emotional Intelligence Course Hours 2.5
Increasing Your Emotional Intelligence Course Hours 2.5
The Emotionally Intelligent Leader Course Hours 2.5
Managing and Working with Difficult People    
Difficult People in the Workplace Course Hours 3.5
Working with Aggressive People Course Hours 3
Working with Negative People and Procrastinators Course Hours 3
Working with Arrogant and Duplicitous People Course Hours 2
Assertive Communication    
Professional Assertiveness Course Hours 3
Assertiveness from the Inside Out Course Hours 3
Business Etiquette and Professionalism    
Everyday Business Etiquette Course Hours 3
Communication Etiquette Course Hours 2.5
Etiquette and the Business Meeting Course Hours 2.5
Etiquette for Supervisors Course Hours 3
Building Better Work Relationships    
Building Effective Interfunctional Relationships Course Hours 2.5
Building Effective Intercultural Relationships Course Hours 3
Building Effective Intergender Relationships Course Hours 2.5
Working Effectively with Customers Course Hours 2.5
Working Effectively with Business Partners Course Hours 3
Delivering Successful Presentations    
Presenting to Succeed Course Hours 4.5
Delivering Your Message Course Hours 4.5
Presentation Resources Available to You Course Hours 5
Running Effective Business Meetings    
Planning Effective Business Meetings Course Hours 2.5
Leading Effective Business Meetings Course Hours 2.5
Participating Effectively in Business Meetings Course Hours 5
Personal Development Curriculum    
Working without a Net - The Business of Risk    
Risk Basics Course Hours 2
Approaches to Risk Management Course Hours 2
Decisions and Risk Course Hours 2
Strategic Planning and Risk Management Course Hours 2.5
Risk Strategies: The Cutting Edge Course Hours 2.5
Project Management Curriculum
High-performance On-site and Virtual Teams    
Launching Successful On-site and Virtual Teams Course Hours 5.5
Leading Successful On-site Teams Course Hours 5
Leading Virtual Teams Course Hours 5
Facilitating On-site and Virtual Teams Course Hours 4.5

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